Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I have LOVED travel nursing. I have had so much fun on the east coast, visiting friends and seeing new places. In exactly 4 weeks, I'll be in an unknown location, so I am going to soak up my time here.
The picture above is from New Years Eve. My dear friend, Katherine, and one of our mutual friends, Erin, went to Baltimore to ring in the new year. Since she is now overseas doing missions work, the trip was ultra special. I will miss her greatly.
We got to stop on the way home and see another mutual friend the day after her birthday. Bread pudding and wine? I think they make PERFECT gifts...
I cannot really explain this view. Just look at the photo below. Two of the kindest, most interesting, giving people let me visit - AGAIN. It was a great adventure.
My friend on the left, Julie, is from Canada. We love her. My roommate/travel partner is on the right - Nicole. She's made her appearance on this blog before.

My mom had a piece of jewelry made for me a few years ago - a necklace. I had it re-made into a ring and just LOVE it. I am so excited about it!! Many thanks to the great people at Isbell's Jewelers for always being so great to work with - their unique stuff is so reasonable.