Tuesday, February 12, 2008

new photo

this is what i call my "valentine's photo," for a few reasons. first, i think she's so cute and is my valentine. second, i am going to frame it for candace for valentine's day... 

Sunday, February 10, 2008

so, the wedding fad of the year, i have decided, is to get married in july. it's a great fad, though, because each and every wedding is one that i am looking very forward to... i have 5 in 4 weekends, 2 of which i am in. that's going to be different for me, but i can't wait. :)

with that said, i'm at a bit of a lull as far as photography is concerned. soon, the weather will be beautiful, and i am hoping to start shooting some fun kids' shots. until then, i'll just hold out until april. my fantastic friend, amy, will be getting married in mississippi. then, june holds what will be a really fun ompc wedding. then, there's july...

my plan for the next month or so is to experiment and play around with my camera. with that said, i am hoping to be able to post some fun photos. check back!!!