Wednesday, January 28, 2009

camille in action

first things first, check out this bling. amelia, the ever-present creative brain behind "amelia strauss photography" shot some great photos of staci's ring. she's not the only master-mind, though. i think the groom, ashley, picked out a rocking ring for his now wife. i love these 3:

so, the funny thing about having people come shoot with you is that you end up with pictures of yourself "in action." so, without further a-do, i present "camille in action." i think some of them are funny, and it's always interesting to see how things go behind your back. ha!

my favorite out of the group is FOR SURE the picture of me and ashley and staci, my most recent bride and groom. i loved getting to know them and think it's a fun picture altogether. enjoy:

impromptu photo shoots

I had a few improptu photo shoots with some kids last week that I wanted to share:

Saturday, January 24, 2009

ceremony photos

i don't always love ceremony shots, just because often it's hard to get what i want to get. what i do love, though, is being able to capture that moment - when two people vow to be husband and wife forever. it's such a neat thing.

these i love.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Josh and Jessica

These two have become very special to me, since my best friend, Meagan, introduced us years ago. Well, that's not entirely true because Josh didn't come into the picture until a little over a year ago. Still, though, they are special to me, and their wedding was no exception. I love their photos and love the way the album has turned out.

I haven't posted an entire album maybe ever, so I thought I would. Jessica has been tweaking it, and I think it's turned out very well. Enjoy:

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ashley & Staci

I have always heard from wedding photographers that it's always fun to make friends with their brides, and I must say that I have been blessed with some great clients who have meant a lot to me. I think it's important to have a connection with your clients because of the emotion that a wedding day can present...

This couple is no exception. If there has ever been a fan of this couple, it's me. Ashley and Staci are two of the most genuine people I know, and I am so excited for their marriage. Their wedding was simple and elegant, emotional and special, fun and entertaining... not to mention beautiful. Their love for each other and for their friends and family was so evident and is so evident at all times. I cannot wait to release more photos.

I actually have more photos to upload, look through, and show, thanks to my wonderful friends. Kristen Stewart, my always kind and talented second shooter was there, along with Amelia Strauss. Amelia is MORE than talented and way fun to be around... What a fun day when I get to shoot with Amelia!


P.S. I posted more photos below... and will be posting more in the next few weeks.

earlier today...