Wednesday, December 31, 2008

sneak peak

these 2 have more intelligence in their fingers than i do in my whole brain. they are getting married in march, and i am looking forward to their big day. i'll try and get more photos of our session together up soon, but for now, here is a sneak peak:

Monday, December 29, 2008

happy monday

well, the moving is underway, and i am still trying to find things, arrange things, hook things up, etc. it's an interesting undertaking, but it's been fun. we just got internet at the new place today, which is so nice. i am still working (slowly but surely) on the beautiful photos from alan and meredith's christmas wedding and wanted to share some with you.

here is my new "stance," as captured by kristen:

on to the wedding photos:

Saturday, December 27, 2008

2009 goals

I have always been one for being organized and for making lists. Usually, though, my lists involve me being more organized and giving myself more to do. I have decided to make a few lists that will give me goals for the upcoming years that will be fun, eventful, and meaningful.

FOR 2009:
1. second shoot with Melissa Jill in Arizona
2. have a photo shoot taken of myself and update my "about me" section
3. second shoot at a wedding with Emily, my first photography mentor
4. take photos of my parent's house and grandparent's house
5. shoot a portrait session for free
6. print some photos and frame for my home
7. go to a shoot with the incredibly talented Corey and Erin Nolen of Nolen Photography
8. shoot with Brian T. Murphy
EDIT: 9. go on a date (got any single friends?)

1. shoot a wedding for free
2. read a book about photography
3. print out my favorite pictures and enlarge/frame them for my office
4. decide on my definite "thank you" wedding gift and give to all my clients
5. go on a cruise
6. shoot a wedding for a good friend (i.e. aubrie, amber, allison, bridgette, katherine, jamie, janet, or whoever gets married first...)
7. see a new broadway play

1. go to brazil and visit friends there
2. advertise my wedding photography with an ad or a "bridal show" booth
3. become a TNCC-certified trauma nurse
4. organize and arrange all family photos for my family and my niece
5. give away at least $10000 to missions
6. go back to new york
7. stay debt-free other than a house, if i buy one :)

I hope you enjoy my journey as these goals come to be... If you know of anyone who deserves a portrait or wedding session for FREE, please let me know. I am hoping to be able to give these to those who are deserving and fortunate; there is nothing more special to me than photos of those you love.

*If you haven't seen my below post of my family, keep scrolling. And, stay tuned for more photos!*

Thursday, December 25, 2008


I had one of the greatest shoots I've ever had today, and it only lasted about 8 minutes. I took photos outside my grandmother's house, and it was wonderful. I actually wish I would've been coherant enough to keep shooting, but I was going on NO sleep. :)

I just LOVE photos, as I'm sure you know if you're reading this blog; I also LOVE my family. Put the 2 together, and here is what you get:

Sunday, December 21, 2008

second shooting

I have a difficult time explaining why I am so pro-second shooters at weddings, so I thought a few photos might help. I started off second shooting and always LOVED the photos I got with the freedom to really shoot whatever and whenever at weddings; that love carries into my career today. I always hire a second shooter. Some of my packages do not include a second shooter for all day, but they do guarantee a second shooter for at least a few hours. This, I think, is priceless in wedding photography; I also feel that my second shooter, Kristen, is priceless in wedding photography. She is unbelieveable... We work together like the greatest team I could imagine. You will be just love your photos if she gets to come along. Promise.

The best times, I think, to have a second shooter are as follows:

1. bride and groom photos
2. first dance
3. bride "getting ready" shots
4. wedding party photos
5. cake/garter/bouquet toss
6. leaving photos

If you're not able to afford a second shooter all day, keep those times in mind; on the other hand, though, if you can afford a second shooter, PAY MORE FOR ONE. I couldn't feel more strongly about something... If you can afford for your photographer to bring someone else along, do it. That's not to say that you don't trust the photos your photographer will get (you better not! ha!) It's just to say that a second photographer has a lot to offer.

So, here are photos from yesterday's wedding. 2 of each "moment." One is mine; one is Kristen's from each set.


you know, sometimes you just get it right. there aren't many times as a photographer where i look on my photo preview screen and think, "i got it!" yesterday, though, thanks to the beautiful bride, classic church, and wonderful lighting, i had a few of those moments. here are 2 (straight off the camera) that i remember:

TINY sneak peak

Well, yesterday was a bit of a good adventure for me. I worked all night at the hospital, came home, threw up, got ready, met up with some friends of mine for a bit, and then headed over to Bluff Park United Methodist Church. I wasn't sure that I'd make it through the day and was definitely not sure at the reception; however, I made it, Kristen made it, and we got to be apart of a really classically-beautiful, holiday-decorated wedding. Oh, and the flowers were unbelievable. The food was spectacular. And, Meredith's dress... There aren't even words.

Congrats Alan and Meredith! Can't wait to be able to work on your images...

Thursday, December 18, 2008


happy holidays to all...

i feel like i am running non-stop all the time right now but am doing well. i have a wedding to shoot on saturday, and i can't wait to post some photos. her dress is UNBELIEVEABLE. my dear, brooke, got me the wedding because she moved and because she just delivered a sweet little baby girl. so, i told meredith that kristen and i would take care of her and capture her day!

my hope for you guys is a hope that is good year-round, even though people seem to think through it more during the holidays.

-may you love well and feel love even better
-may your home be a haven for others
-may you desire the Lord in all you do
-may you look to your blessings, forgetting the desire to whine, complain, and argue
-may you enjoy your family, friends, and loved ones...
-may photos bring you joy and inspiration
-may you live each day as it was your last
-may you celebrate each day as a new day and a new blessing

on a different note, i'm 22 now. crazy. aren't people supposed to be responsible, married, having kids by now...

Monday, December 1, 2008

guest book

so, i always try to do something special for my brides. sometimes i make a small "favorites" album for them, other times i offer a later photo session... i always try to make it special and random. i just love working with these sweet girls on their exciting days, and i want to express my "thanks."

a few months ago i heard about a new offering... this guest book that looked like the flush-mount albums i make for after the wedding. so, i offered it to my january wedding couple, staci and ashley, and must say they are SO lucky. i think it is sweet!!!

the pictures below show what it is like, and i think it should be apart of every wedding. and, it can be! it's apart of my "all-inclusive package," which every couple should have!!!