Thursday, July 29, 2010

meet baby "m"

can you say cute? so precious!!

here's mom... and one of my closest friends. she went through a lot to get this little guy into the world, and i think he's worth it! she is going to be a fantastic mother - just wonderful!!!

and, dad... there's going to be a lot of bonding going on here, i do believe. what do you think?

Friday, July 23, 2010

i love these girls.

the above picture is of me and my good friend, jamie. i'm not really sure how to describe her, other than she is seriously one of the greatest people in the world... she lives in mexico city right now, and it is so great to be able to see her in person!!!

we travelled to nashville last weekend to celebrate janet getting married and boy did we celebrate!!! it was a fantastic weekend, though, and i nothing more than love these girls. i forgot how much i missed them, until i was back with them.

here is anna and allison. you'll recognize anna as that "photogenic bride" from last month!
tera, janet, me, and anna
allison and jamie - so beautiful - allison, i LOVE your short, curly hair. jamie already knows i've always been jealous of her hair!
emily on the left is jamie's cousin... i feel like she is a pseudo-cousin of mine as well!
at dinner with my high-school friends: tera, me, anna, jamie, janet, allison - one of the best dinners i've had in a LONG while
and all of us out in nashville!!!
anna and tera
and in the bathroom... we all 3 went to the bathroom together the whole night - hilarious
janet, jamie, and me - expect to see a repeat of this image at janet's wedding because i will HAVE to get one
me and anna
right before heading back to the hotel
thanks, friends, for such a GREAT weekend. i love you all - and mean it. cannot wait to see you guys at janet's wedding!!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

cute. cute. cute.

fun, fun, fun...

I love the above picture. I am sure that it appears to everyone else that I destroyed the image Melissa was trying to get. But, I love it because everyone is laughing. This wedding was SO much fun, and the family carried the laughter through a lot of the wedding day festivities...

That is what I love - to be laid back but in control, fun but professional, laughing but mindful of all that needs to be accomplished. See what you think about the results and watch the slideshow below. Seriously, if you have about 6 minutes, watch it; I have watched it a few times myself!


And, because I always smile when I see what I looked like "shooting" a wedding, here's one:

Monday, July 12, 2010

Beauty in Imperfection

I am out of town right now working at a camp where I've been a counselor for years. I actually spoke this morning on how beauty can come from a lot of places... Then, I started working on these ceremony images and laughed at the irony.

Melissa took the below shot because she thought it was so funny for me to look so "proper." I really didn't think that I looked that "proper" -- I just had to find a way to brace myself. We were not allowed into the sanctuary, so it was hard to maneuver and get the shot between the glass frames. Either way, I looked a little ridiculous taking it:

Nonetheless, I love what I got. Some people might have thrown this image out because of the glare from the windows behind me. I keep it, though, because I think the moment with Elizabeth and her dad is too sweet to ignore.

Later, Melissa and I did some pretty impressive tag-teaming to get a big shot without any glare or shadow, and I love the way this ceremony looks in the sanctuary:

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pictures That I Love

Sometimes I wish people could see the smile I have on my face when pictures from a session are uploading on my computer. There are often many that make me smile and some that I just adore. These caught my eyes as I was editing yesterday...

This is from a session I did for a sweet baby, and here she is with her mom:

These next two are from Geoff and Elizabeth's wedding. Melissa Pardi shot with me and got these FANTASTIC images; I love them!

And, here's another of Elizabeth, just because I can't stand it... What a beautiful bride she was!

Monday, July 5, 2010

A New Addition

There are some people you just click with... These two are simply two of those people. I met them almost two years ago, when they were planning their January 2009 wedding. We met, they booked me, and next thing I knew we were taking engagement pictures on Sunday afternoon.

Before I knew it, it was January and time for their wedding. It was one of the sweetest wedding ceremonies I have ever experienced, and it was obvious that these two were just ready to be married. I still to this day think back on their wedding and wedding images with great fondness!

Since their wedding, we have kept up through e-mails, phone calls, and countless dinner parties. They were excited to show me a sonogram a few months ago, and now their sweet little baby boy has made his appearance. I got to meet him Saturday morning and take some pictures. What an honor! I cannot wait to watch their family grow.

I love the reminder that these parents want on their birth announcement -- that would cite the verse that this little baby boy is "fearfully and wonderfully made."

Bryan and Jennifer

Jennifer and I went to high school together but really were never all that "close." Jennifer was always the cute, sweet, talented girl everyone loved, and I suppose that is one of the things that attracted Bryan to her. A few weeks ago, they were married, and it was a sweet, eventful, fun day. Here are a few highlights of their big day, and I must say that it was really hard to narrow them down!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Working, Working, Working

June has been a really great month, but I don't really remember it. Ha! I have shot 3 really fantastic weddings and am working on the other 2. I have the slideshow up from Anna's wedding, and if you'd like to watch it CLICK HERE (FOR THE SLIDESHOW). While I was putting it together, I fell in love with this picture of Anna and her dad right before walking her down the aisle. I love it.

This image is from the next wedding on the editing agenda. I love this shot of Jennifer getting ready... Another beautiful wedding, coming right up!