Friday, October 29, 2010

Thursday, October 28, 2010


I love it when a couple comes down the aisle, so excited about being married! I can just hear Brian saying, "yay!" The sun gave both me and Jessica a little bit of a challenge, but I love how it works in this image.

Brian and Lora, have fun in North Carolina for me! So jealous!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Take a peek...

LOVED Lora's beautiful wedding at the Sonnet House this weekend! This is my favorite venue by far and what a fun celebration!

Many thanks to my talented friend of Jessica Wright Photography who accompanied me at this wedding!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Stealing is Bad!

I am sad to say that I am going to have to make some changes to the pictures I post on my blog and on facebook. Sadly, I have had many instances lately where people have been using pictures inappropriately and against their contract boundaries.

I'd like to think that these people don't mean harm, but I am not certain of that. Either way, I have a strong desire to to protect my images: the images of my clients. I plan to do that by making 3 changes:
-disabling people from opening up a larger image on my blog
-placing my watermark "logo" on the images that go on facebook
-disabling the ability to right click anywhere on my blog

There may be more changes coming, but I am hoping this will do the trick. In the meantime, try to use your best judgement as to whether or not you are reproducing something that you should not allowed to reproduce. Remember that stealing is bad! There could also be prosecution for these instances, so be careful of that as well!

All photographers want to be able to showcase their images to their clients but also to others; however, photographers also want to protect the work that they do and are proud to show under their name! I can say this whole-heartedly because I have had multiple conversations with very talented photographers who would say the same thing.

*In other, more "light-hearted" news, I was able to photograph a really beautiful fall wedding yesterday and look forward to putting up images on my blog very soon!*

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More of Lisa and Craig

Lisa and Craig were married earlier this month in Gardendale. I'm not sure what was my favorite part of the day - trying to find the "other" church, watching them and their sweet/emotional first look, enjoying the incredible bride's cake. It was all around an enjoyable day, and these two could not be kinder. Enjoy a few more pictures from their day:

And, be checking back for information about my recent trip, including a half marathon that I finished - yay!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Craig and Lisa

Craig and Lisa were married on Saturday in Gardendale. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know these two, and they weren't going to let anything stop them from enjoying their wedding -- not emergency surgery nor a nosebleed... not even Alabama losing in the midst of their wedding!

Seriously, though, these are two of the kindest people I have met in a while, and their laid-back love was nothing short of an honor to document. Here are a few images that show the beauty that was this fall wedding.

Check back for more updates in the next few weeks! Also, I have a few trips in the future that will need documenting as well...

Monday, October 4, 2010

cute. cute. cute.

Aren't they the cutest? They really are... I had a great time with them out at The Preserve yesterday. What beautiful fall weather. My favorite part of these two is when they look at each other - you can tell that they are super excited about getting married.

I am looking forward to next year. How beautiful is Ali?

Friday, October 1, 2010


meet tabitha...
the reason that i titled this blog post "quaint" is that this wedding was at a small country church in fayette, alabama. tabitha's great-grandfather built the church, and her wedding was just as small and as quaint as she wanted. it was perfect. she looked just stunning...
check out that light -- the surrounding woods were just beautiful!
beautiful. absolutely beautiful.
blake and tabitha chose to have a "first look" before the ceremony. they both wanted to be able to go to their reception immediately. their look was so special - they are so cute looking at each other.

i LOVE this picture.
please look at this picture. is she not the absolute cutest? oh my.
this is tabitha's sister, kristen. i love this picture - i think they both look so beautiful.
tabitha calls her cousin more like her "sister" - another beautiful picture, another beautiful bridesmaid:
love this bouquet shot.
here's the family. a quick noted to kristen, tabitha, glenda, and mark: thank you for inviting me to be apart of this sweet wedding. i really felt like i was apart of the family, and i appreciate your kind family.
i love this shot as they came out of the church as husband and wife!
and leaving... and being pounded by birdseed!
what a fun, sweet, "quaint" wedding - i truly loved it!!!