Saturday, March 28, 2009

new favorites...

sometimes i envy other photographers. i would love to be able to sit down all day long, edit through photos, and make one big blog posting on the day's events... i don't have that luxury, though, which okay. i actually enjoy going through the photos little-by-little. it makes me excited about the small events in the editing process, photos i might miss if i were flying through them.

enjoy my "new favorites." check out this CUTE flower girl... and, as always, i love the photos of the bride/groom exiting the ceremony for the first time as husband and wife!

Monday, March 23, 2009


I love these bridals of Rebekah. I really couldn't say it enough... She was such a gracious bride!!

Brenda, I hope you enjoy. You were such a gracious mother, as well... What a blessing to work with you guys.

"Engagement Workshop" Take #2

Nick and Jennifer. I'm not sure that I can explain how excited I am for these 2. I have known them both for a very long time; we got back, even to middle school. They are tying the knot in August, and it'll be so fun to be apart of their big event.

They were better models than we could've ever asked for, and I think you can see their love in the photos. I literally went through my photos to "pick out a few" and came up with all these. Awesome!

"Engagement Workshop" Behind the Scenes

Here is a little "behind the scenes" of our workshop yesterday.

Amelia and Melissa shooting Nick&Jennifer:

Kelly Merrill, who has a million talents, can rock people out at their shoot!

Emily shooting some photos of her daughter, Sydney:

Amelia and Kristen, working the shootsacs!

I NEVER take photos of Kristen, so I made it a goal for yesterday.

These next 2 are Amelia, rocking it out again:


And, Kristen, ending the post

"Engagement Workshop" Take #1

Yesterday was wonderful. The sun was shining, I was wearing short and chaco sandals (my favorite!!), and we shot 2 wonderful engagement shoots. "We" are the following photographers who were game for giving their time and talent and collaborate ideas for taking great engagement photos:

Amelia Strauss:
Kelly Merrill:
Melissa Pardi:
Kristen Stewart:

These 2, Aras and Jasmine, are nothing less of stylish and awesome. Jasmine has the GREATEST black pumps and GOREGOUS royal blue dress on in this shoot, which just made her even more beautiful, as you'll see. Aras looked great and is obviously aware of how beautiful Jasmine is... They are just so sweet together.

I am looking forward to their awesome wedding at The Sonnet House, the greatest venue in Birmingham (in my opinion).