Sunday, December 6, 2009

merry christmas

i am sure that there will be more postings about christmas, but i wanted to start with our trip to "old baker farm." this place was so neat... look at all those trees:

mason is the newest addition to the family, and he just snuggled all day - he had the best seat for sure!

he sat right on aubrie's shoulder the entire day. that's my roommate, by the way, if you've ever wondered...

looks like they found the tree they wanted!!!!

there's our little reindeer. (precious, huh?)

and, there's my little cutie-bug.

both the grandkids LOVE their nanny... i mean, LOVE their nanny.

all the family members got in on the action...

riley wanted to be a big helper, as you can see:

and, boy does she love adventures with her paw-paw.

there was this CUTE little station to write letters to santa. the man there was so precious to riley. she wrote:
"dear santa, i want a hermaine granger wand. i have been a good girl. love, riley." she made me write, too... we'll see if i get what i asked for. :)

a final shot of what there was to choose from...

if you live in the birmingham area, you NEED to go to this place. it was so much fun to bring home such a great-smelling tree. i mean, it is wonderful already, and we've only had it about 4 hours.

i love what christmas means... i love that it gives me a longing for christmas morning but also brings excitement and anticipation -- believe it or not, the excitement of the season also gives me excitement and anticipation for jesus. there are so many "secular" things of the season and this world that make me want jesus, and i love that jesus shows up in the every day.

christmas music has such meaning and hope, too... i could listen to it all year long, i think.

"hope of all the earth though art...
by thine own eternal spirit, rule in all our hearts alone."