Thursday, July 19, 2012

a little update...

Oh, my Mom would've LOVED to have seen this pictures.  I've over and over again gone through the pictures, finding new ones that I love more than the last.  I can't get past this one, though.  It's just so perfect...  so sweet, so simple.  Ugh, I love it!
Many, many, many thanks (again) to my friend Jessica for shooting with me.  This image is hers, and I'm forever grateful that she captured it!!

The last few days I've had this overwhelming amount of gratitude in thinking about my Mom.  It's really incredible all the things that you realize you should've been thankful for...  the hours she spent doing laundry, the hundreds of pieces of fruit she cut up and peeled for us to eat, the sacrifices she made to save for us to go on vacation - she really was extraordinary.

I still don't like using past tense with my Mom.  It just sucks.  Every
time I talk about her, I have to think about being grammatically correct; I'm just constantly reminded she is gone.  

If she were here, I promise she'd cry at the picture above.  And the slideshow I put together of Bridgette and Chad: