Monday, November 19, 2012

california: full circle

Years ago, I got a great opportunity to attend a photography conference.  I called my Mom, and she immediately suggested we go together.  We spent days in Orange County at a beautiful resort and drove to LA.  Mom even rented a convertible, so we could have a better experience.  I will forever look back on that trip as a beautiful time with my Mom.

I credit her for giving me the courage and desire to travel.  Looking back on these last few years, I could never have imagined the experiences I would have.  These are times full of fun and work and friends and lessons I could only learn away.

With only 3 weeks left here in California, I'm having a hard time thinking about leaving.  It's bitter-sweet for sure.  But, it's time to move on.  Time to get married.  Time for a new season of life.  

Though I'm moving on, I'll never lose Mom in my memories.  California just seems a little closer to Mom than others, and that makes it hard.  I know she knows how I'm feeling, though, and I guarantee that she is watching every step of the wedding process.  With great joy.

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