Thursday, May 27, 2010

Random Wednesday Post

Well, I have had so many random things that I have wanted to blog -- that I decided to put them all together.

I met this cute couple yesterday morning at Guntersville State Park. Guntersville is special to me because my grandparents live up there, and Matt and Jenell were kind enough to meet me half-way. I adore this picture of them - just so simple and casual:

This is another couple who I've just "premiered" on facebook, and this is my absolute favorite shot. I don't know if it's the angle or the colors - I love it. Congrats to Brandon and Beth!

This might seem a bit bizarre, but this should keep you guessing - something special coming REALLY soon:

One of my dearest friends in the entire world - Jamie - is a teacher in Mexico City. I was super excited to be able to chat with her on Tuesday. She and some of her students entertained me online, and I am so grateful for Skype! (But more grateful for sweet Jamie!)

I shot bridal portraits on Tuesday that were just BEAUTIFUL. Of course I can't post those photos until after her wedding, so everything stays a "surprise." But, I got one to throw up on the blog!

And, some personal pictures from Thomas and Morgan's wedding... First up, a photo of me and Morgan:

Here is a picture of Morgan hugging my mom after her first dance... I just think it's so sweet!

I caught my little niece eating cake with some "big girls" as she calls them at the wedding:

And, I'll end on a good note. A picture that seriously puts a HUGE smile on my face:

Monday, May 24, 2010

Slideshows Everywhere!!!

I am so proud of the results of my two most recent weddings... I love their slideshows, too, and wanted to share them with you:

Click HERE for Thomas and Morgan's slideshow

And, click HERE for Ryan and Laura's slideshow

It may take a moment for them to load, but I really think it's worth it!!!

Happy Birthday

In the midst of all my recent weddings, on top of LIFE, I almost forgot to mention this sweet family session that I photographed a week ago. They are going through a lot of life changes and wanted to commemorate the grandmother's birthday with a family photography session. Here is just a little sneak peak of what we got:

We happened to plan it for last Sunday, when it did nothing but pour down rain. Thankfully, this family was full of flexibility and good "indoor" ideas!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Sneak Peak

I'm not sure I have had a bride who showed so much excitement over seeing her wedding photos, so this one is for you, Beth!

Beth and Brandon were married last night in a small, intimate wedding in his parents' back yard. I was really impressed with the ceremony site; everyone worked really hard to pull it off! Thankfully, the rain held off, and Full Moon catered the event. Of course it was tasty!

Beth, thank you for hiring me to spend such a special day with you. I really hope you love your pictures!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mr. and Mrs.

The above photo was taken literally minutes after Thomas and Morgan became husband and wife, and I must say that I loved being in the taxi. I have never had a couple be more welcoming or more sacrificing of their time together, and it was such a blessing to spend a few moments with them. And, I think that their kind attitude paid off in the above picture because I LOVE IT.

Morgan asked for good "dancing" pictures and "leaving" pictures, and I really love what we got!

I cannot wait.

Today is a day that has been a long time coming. My good friends Thomas and Morgan are tying the knot, and I absolutely cannot wait.
I have a little confession to make... I always get really nervous before a wedding. I get even more nervous when I know the couple, so I woke up this morning with about a million butterflies in my stomach.
These two could not be more perfect for each other, though. They are the kindest, sweetest, friendliest, most loving couple I have been around in a long time, and I cannot wait to capture it all in pictures.
Morgan invited me to the rehearsal dinner, and of course I took along my camera. They were surrounded by a countless number of people who care deeply for them - an obvious testimony to how precious they are to so many people.

Dear friends, I could not be more honored to be (tearfully) photographing the event as you give your lives to your best friend. No worries... My camera has auto-focus, so I can cry all I want!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

"In Action"

It is so bizarre to see pictures of myself that a second shooter has taken. Forgive me for the appearance; please remember that Amanda and I were literally in a downpour all day long!!!

I think I was looking at my camera because I knew I'd love the shot; here it is below:

The dance floor can be a pretty small place with a photographer, second photographer, and videographer, but we all work together. Plus, there is magic in crop, thanks to Adobe.

Dig-It-All Productions

I have a confession to make. I used to not recommend any videographers. As of a few weeks ago, I had never worked with any who I wanted to recommend. It's not even a photographer vs. videographer debate to me; I just had not received good feedback from them. Most of them, too, I never heard from after the wedding, which meant that I never got to see any finished products.

Until... I met Ashley and Matt with "Dig-It-All" Productions, and I could not be more impressed with their kindness, honesty, service, flexibility, generosity, and talent. They are unreal, and I have loved working with them over the past few weddings I have shot. I am hoping to snap some photos of them together, but here's one of me and Matt conversing:

(both above photos by my friend Amanda Pair)

Together, Matt, Ashley, Amanda and I have shot 2 really great weddings, and I hope there will be more to come!! Here is a shot from the most recent wedding, and I was so grateful the sun came out for this one:

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Wedding...

Well, this morning I was browsing my Google Reader and came across this new post from Anna Kuperburg. If you've never heard of her, she is an incredible photographer, and I love following her blog and recent work.

Her most recent post might be the wedding of my dreams. If I could pick 5 photos that I would want to represent my wedding, it would be the 5 below. Wow. I am still in awe. Check these out:

(photo by Anna Kuperburg)

(photo by Anna Kuperburg)

(photo by Anna Kuperburg)

(photo by Anna Kuperburg)

(photo by Anna Kuperburg)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Congrats 2010 Graduates!

If you know anything about how scared I am of designing things in Photoshop, the above announcement would be SHOCKING to you. I really love how it turned out...

Rachel is a beautiful lady who is just as kind and tenderhearted and wonderful as she is beautiful. She and I go WAY back, and I am shocked that she is old enough to be graduating! This smart, mature, sweet girl is about to take on Vanderbilt University, and I absolutely cannot wait to visit her. She is nothing but a jewel...

So, congrats to the graduates of 2010. I can't believe that I've been out 5 years already but am enjoying it daily!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Roll Tide! with some of my favorites!

Anna and Walter. Oh man, I go way back with this couple, and it is almost surreal to be presenting their engagement photos!

Both Anna and Walter are so kind, smart, attractive, fun - they were just known as "that" couple in high school, the couple that everyone was a little jealous of. :)

I love the pictures that we got and am so excited to be apart of their wedding in about a month... I am also so excited that this nurse/dentist student combo will be living so close to me - I am ready for some chicken salad and wine, you two!

Thanks SO much for being such good sports. Thanks, also, for giving me reason to come back and explore the beautiful campus - oh, how I have missed it!!!