Friday, October 31, 2008

black-and-white or color?

which one do you like better? it's such a hard decision... this was such a GREAT sequence of photos:

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


i am someone who is definitely NOT intelligent when it comes to flowers. i will say, though, that i absolutely adore the detail joy they add to weddings. they make the photos POP all-too-often, which is a blessing to me.

these flowers i just loved! i have always loved the classic look of a white bouquet for the bride, and i must say that this wedding did nothing but make me believe that even more.

i have a dilemma, though; which flower shot is best?

it's fall-time

wow. kristen and i got the idea to put these two in the middle of the road that ran beside the church. the trees framed the road so well, and the trees bending in were just full of fall colors. it was so beautiful. and, as much as i absolutely adore the summertime, i have to say that the fall colors and overall "feel" of this sequence makes me love it a lot. here are just a few more; keep checking back for updates:

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"behind the scenes"

So, my second shooter, Kristen, is always so kind as to get photos of me shooting... I think they're fun to go through as I'm editing, even though most of the time I am just sporting a swenched up face and awkward pose. I do think they tell a good story, though, as to what a day is like of me shooting a wedding.

The sad news is that I RARELY take pictures of Kristen. I'm not sure why I don't except that I must just not think about it. I do think, too, that our positioning makes it hard. Usually, when I second shooting for someone else, I am most often behind them. Shooting someone in front of you is much easier than shooting someone behind you; still, though, I have no excuse. Kristen, I am sorry. I will try harder these next 2 weddings. :)

And, don't you DARE make fun of me for my outfit! I had 2 people tell me that I looked like a ballerina, but I absolutely loved the look and the ease of this comfort. Now, this position, you can make fun of, at least until you see the fun shoe shot I got from it!

Monday, October 27, 2008

first photos

Here are some "first photos" that were taken when Kristen and I got to Cristina's bridal room. A few things were running late, but that didn't stop us! The beauty of all the details in this wedding were just fantastic, as you can see:

Saturday, October 25, 2008

wedding sneak peak

Today, Kristen and I shot Jason & Cristina's wedding. They have a very interesting story and actually have had to spend the last little bit of their engagement apart. What's even worse is that they still have a month to go before they can actually live together as husband and wife. Man, I can't imagine that! I know that they will BOTH be happy when Jason graduates the police academy next month.

Cristina was such a kind, calm, supportive, easy-going bride; she really was a joy to work with and shoot. Kristen and I both agreed that her wedding dress was really one of the most beautiful, most figure-flattering dresses we've seen in a while. It was just gorgeous!

Obviously, there are a million photos to upload and view, but for now, here's a sneak peak. More to come later in the week... Oh yeah, and that color bridal portrait was one of Kristen's shots. I love it!!!

The slideshow is complete from the last wedding I shot. If you'd like to view it, click HERE to see it.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

almost finished...

well, i am ALMOST finished editing josh and jessica's wedding photos... and, i am still loving every second of it. they are just SO good!!! i didn't think i could like them any more after putting together their slideshow i've probably watched 50 times. then i came across this image from my dear friend and second shooter, kristen stewart. not only is this my favorite moment (usually) of a wedding, thanks to its excitement and genuine emotion, but kristen somehow made this image really impressive also. wow. thanks, kristen.

now, if i could only learn how to better communicate with videographers, so they are not constantly in my photos!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

a day at the gardens

Most Saturdays, for me, are either spent at the hospital or at a wedding. Today I did neither, and it did seems weird at times. It was such a beautiful day, though, here in Birmingham, and I had the opportunity to take photos of 2 different families. The first photos are just a sample of what's to come. I was introduced to this family through a friend of mine and enjoyed my time with them. Getting 3 kids to all look at the camera and smile, though, is a difficult thing; no wonder I think weddings are easier!!!

This little girl is a big part of my photography life. That might not make sense (and it's a long story), but she and her parents are pretty central in how I run my photography business. Really, though, who could ask for a better "face" for their photography business? Not me!!!

a reunion of sorts...

I had the pleasure of spending time with Rob and Anne Riley (and their new cat, Peach) this past Thursday evening. I had offered some of my 2008 clients a little "thank you," and they were my first session!! :) Things were just fantastic with these two, especially considering that they fed me some chicken fajitas. Check out this cute cat, too... "Peach" really loved my shoes, too.

Friday, October 17, 2008

workshop favorites

well, there's not much that makes a day off from the hospital better than some really fun photos. i finally had the time to sit down and edit through the photos i got at our "workshop" last sunday, and i am really excited about them. there are some GREAT ones in the mix. a very special thanks yet again to matt and abby, as well as corey, erin, and grayben nolen for being such great models. i hope you guys like the way they turned out:

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

here it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

josh and jessica's slideshow is LIVE. some people may have thought this wasn't going to happen, and i didn't think i would get done this quickly. there are SO many great ones that it took forever to go through them. plus, have i mentioned that i'm a full-time nurse?

forget all that... the above photo is hands-down my favorite. i just LOVE it. if this were my wedding, i'd frame that about lifesize. but, as you can see from the photos, it's not from my wedding.

josh and jess, you guys are awesome. i hope the photos capture your day the way you wanted them to!!!